Terms & Conditions


“Offer” $500 CASH BACK when you order an alfresco kitchen and have installed before 28th February 2018. Limited Offer – Enquire Now!

“Eligible Purchaser” any person/s who places an order for an alfresco kitchen during the promotional period and satisfies the conditions and criteria outlined herein.

“Promotional Period” means on or after Monday 11th December 2017 and on or before Wednesday 28th February 2018”

“Order” means 1. Receipt of a valid signed Quotation Acceptance by the Promoter; and 2. Receipt of payment of the deposit amount specified on the valid quotation by the Promoter.

“Promoter” means Spritely Enterprises Pty Ltd as trustee for JKKO Family Trust, trading as Pyro Designs.

1. The value of the Order must exceed $7,500 (including GST).

2. The alfresco kitchen subject to the order must be at cabinets installed stage of completion and second progress payment paid on or before Saturday Wednesday 28th February 2018.

3. The promoter reserves the right to retract, alter and extend the offer without notice.

4. The offer is available to personal customers only, it is not available for business to business transactions.

5. The order must contain a minimum of one (1) barbeque or fridge (appliance)